The GravelPit

The GravelPit is our monthly Tekken 7 tournament. We came up with this idea to give the Dutch Tekken Community a monthly option to compete and stay on top of their game. This tourney is especially interesting for Tekken players who just started out with the game, trained and worked hard and willing to find out if they have improved. Here they have the chance to compete with every level of national and international Tekken players. To top it of…Top 3 will get prizemoney…

Tournament Rules:

TWT2023 Format Rules

Cap will be 32 players

There will be a small entrance fee but also a prize pool for each event

There will be drinks available (for purchase) at the venue

All will be streamed at

Interested? Follow our Twitter and sign up for the next GravelPit at 


  • Januari 7th
  • Februari 4th (No GP/TWT2022 Finals)
  • March 4th
  • April 8th
  • May 6th (TWT Dojo Event)
  • June 3d
  • July 1st
  • August 5th
  • September 2nd
  • October 7th
  • November 4th
  • December 1st

“The thing about FIGHTING games is… that there is no such thing as LUCK… a player can control EVERY aspect of his or her character”


“A well known local in the Gaming Community in the Netherlands, based on an industrial estate, close to the Almere shopping center. A place where (fanatic) gamers and enthusiasts of every game genre come together to express their passion”

“The Loods”…The #1 local in the Netherlands for Tekken7, a place for Esports teams to train and meet, for casual gaming, but also a great location for setting up small tournaments. Perfect for a starting T.O. who wants to take his first steps in organizing tournaments.

Entrance fee for the Loods is €5,55 per person. If you want to come by more often, a €20,55 subscription is recommended. Subscription is valid for one month and you can visit as often as you like (NOTE: this subscription is ONLY valid for the standard days and NOT for tournaments held in the Loods). We also have a Weekend Pass for €9,05 valid for two days in the weekend of your choice. Administrative costs are included in all the prices.

Besides gaming, the Loods is also a place to meet for fun. We watch tournaments, sports matches, movies or anime, play board games or just chill with each other. The Loods can also be rented for “private occasions” such as a birthday with a few of your best friends or family. In short, the Loods is the best place to game and chill in the Netherlands. Come by and experience it for yourself..

The Loods is also becoming internationally more known amongst some of the best Tekken players in the world. The word is that it is the best place to go for Tekken meetings when in the Netherlands. And the word is right….So don’t be surprised when you visit the Loods one day and you have the chance to play a set against one of these top players.

Daniel Mado, CuddleCore, Fran, AyoRichie, Bilal, PlantedMedusa, Yeonorang, Sensei Salaam, Kaizur and Rookang are some of the top international Tekken players who have visited The Loods and they all agree… it is one of the most unique locals they have ever visited.

Not able to visit? No problem, via our twitch channel you can attend every match and also participate in the chat. Keep yourself informed of the latest updates via our social media channels…hope to see you soon.

The Loods consists of a ground floor and a first floor, a kitchen, toilet and also various options for small tournaments layouts. Not too big and not too small, just the right space for lots of gaming and fun.


  • Gaming setups
  • Stream Setup (tournaments)
  • Toilet and kitchen 
  • Free internet


  • Space with T.O. setup options
  • Stream setup and lounge
  • Beamer plus Projector screen
  • Commentators Corner


  • Kitchen on first floor
  • Microwave, fridge, tosti and coffee makers
  • Cutlery, plates, cups etc. available

The Loods is partners with Tees-R-Us. T-shirts, Hoodies Sweaters and Caps for E-Sports and the Gaming Community. Visit the online shop and check out their range of cool merch.


For the latest information (including opening hours), you can register to our discordchannel  or  whatsapp chatgroup.

It is very useful if you register with one of these two groups, because the opening hours can sometimes differ from the standard times. You don’t want to be standing in front of a closed door, especially if you live outside of Almere and traveled a long time for nothing. Also important: you are always up to date with the latest news about the Loods. Hint: The whatsapp group is the most active of these two.

“Is there still a spot available?” That is a question we often get. Click  HERE to claim a spot or use the link at the top of the page. You also immediately have the option to pay the entrance fee of 5 euros to confirm your reservation and you immediately see an overview of which other players are also coming on that day.

At the Loods, drinks such as water and soft drinks are free of charge, and you do not have to pay for small snacks such as crisps, fruit and biscuits etc. If you fancy something different, you can always order food and have it delivered. A favorite place to order food online is  Little Italy Almere. This pizzeria has the tastiest and cheapest pizza in Almere. Also besides pizza, you can order much more and the best thing is, they are a 2-minute walk away from our location. Check the menu on their website.

Energy drinks are also available when there are tournaments. We ask 1 euro per energy drink. Payments can be made in the Loods via a QR code scan.

Do you want to come visit, but do you feel sick, a bit snotty or have the flu… just stay home and watch our Twitchstream.

We don’t want anyone to get sick. The basic Corona – hygiene rules remain in force with us! We continue to apply our (hygiene) rules and if you still visit us despite being sick, you will be kindly asked to leave.. SAFETY 4 ALL!!

We hope to see you soon.







As indicated earlier, we continue to pay attention to hygiene. In addition, we also have our own rules that must be followed. Read them carefully below. The rules can also be found within the Loods.


  • Continue to wash your hands regularly
  • Keep your armpit spray or roller nearby..some gamesessions can be intense. Very wise to have it with you, for yourself and for the rest of the people in the Loods….
  • Are you feeling ill, stay home (and get tested).
  • Regularly pay attention to your hygiene (and, if necessary, that of others).
  • Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow.
  • If you visit despite feeling a bit ill, we will ask you kindly to leave.


  • Keep the place clean as much as possible and take care of your own mess after eating or drinking. This applies to indoors and outdoors.
  • Pay close attention to your own belongings! The Loods is NOT responsible if something breaks or is lost.
  • Take your loss like a champ, it’s just a game don’t make things too serious
  • No smoking inside the Loods. It is allowed outside next to the ashtray.
  • No use of alcohol INSIDE or OUTSIDE the Loods.
  • The use of (soft) drugs (under 18) is not allowed INSIDE the Loods. Please smoke outside.
  • Don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you, in other words DON’T STEAL!
  • Close the toilet door after use and wash your hands.
  • Always listen to the onsite manager who is responsible
  • Fighting, incitement, bullying, threats, solicitation, etc., will lead to IMMEDIATE Eviction and possible future REFUSAL OF ACCESS from the Loods.


Many gamers visit the Loods, including members of respectable esports teams. These teams are friends and show a lot of support. In addition, we also have partners on whom the Loods can rely. Check the social media channels of our friends and partners and give them a follow.


What is so special about the Loods? What makes the Loods fun to visit and what keeps us together? Of course the gamers themselves with their passion for the game, but much more also for the solidarity of the community. Everyone is equal and is welcomed with open arms. Are you new to the community and want to get to know more people within the FGC? Then the Loods is the right place for you. We have listed a few facts:

  • Local and (inter)national hotspot for gamers and video game enthusiasts.
  • Named “the Tekken Meeting and Grinding location” of the Netherlands by international and national Tekken players.
  • Training location for Dutch Fighting Community and Esports teams for tournaments.
  • Open community and perfect location for rookie players in the Fighting Game Community
  • Perfect place for networking and organizing small tournaments

Do you want to get better at Fighting Games, or are you looking for offline casual matches to improve and train your skills? Drop by sometimes and get to know the rest. See below a small list of Fighting Games we play and practice at the Loods.


The Loods has “fixed” opening hours. There are days for Tekken 7, Smash and Casual Gaming. Fridays are often Smash or Casual gaming and sometimes mixed. When it’s casual gaming, you can play whatever you want. Saturday is for Tekken and Sunday is an optional day for whatever the mood is at the time. Via our discord or whatsapp group we keep in contact with each other and often discuss a time to meet. Monday to Thursday are also optional days that are still open. On thursdays, the Loods is always cleaned and prepared for the weekend.  A condition is that a manager must be present at all times. It can sometimes happen that the Loods cannot be opened due to unforeseen circumstances, or that we opene a little later than usual (for example because the manager is a little later. We keep ourselves informed via our warehouse Discord and Whatsapp group. Click on the icons below to join 1 of these two groups (RECOMMENDED!!!) When you sign up, please introduce yourself and indicate that you have joined via this website.





16.00 – 02.00



13.00 – 02.00






The Loods is located on an industrial estate, a 5-minute walk from the center of Almere and Almere Centrum train station.

A good landmark is kickboxing school FightMasters Almere, in front of which we are located. You will see  FightMasters the corner from where you have to drive or walk in to get to our facility.

Enough parking spaces on the industrial estate. If there are no more parking spaces, you can also leave your car in the nearby housing block.

Gameloods Almere
Markerkant 15-25Q
1314 AV Almere Centrum